Introducing Tanya Bevington, Head of Communications at IKEA Canada

In our Time to Talk series, our President + CEO Sheila Wisniewski introduces us to people from all over Canada, from different industries and disciplines to have deep and insightful conversations about our world. 

For the fifth episode, Sheila speaks with Tanya Bevington, Head of Communications at IKEA Canada. In this episode, Sheila and Tanya discuss the power of purpose, highlighting how IKEA’s long-standing company purpose has guided the organization since 1943, the key pillars of their purpose today and how it comes to life. Further, Sheila and Tanya discuss leadership styles, and making business decisions with purpose front and centre.

When asked about her leadership style and how she ensures IKEA’s purpose is reflected in the day-to-day, Tanya shared “For me, being passionate about the work that I’m doing, and working somewhere with a greater purpose for good, really is important for me, so I really try to be an authentic leader and bring my whole self to work. IKEA is a place that lets me bring my whole self to work.”   

Watch the video below for the full conversation.