1. NDP Candidate Charged
Door knocking turned scandal for the NDP Medicine Hat candidate Saturday when an altercation led police to charge him with simple assault. Jason Soklofske has since withdrawn his candidacy and the NDP plan to announce a replacement in the coming days. References to Soklofske have already been scrubbed from the NDP campaign website and related social media.
2. Alberta Liberals Aim For Official Opposition Status
At the Liberal Party campaign launch, Swann said his party is “shooting for Official Opposition status” and is “very realistic” in its goal. This goal is surprising; the Liberal Party campaign has just two MLAs seeking re-election (Swann and Edmonton-Centre’s Laurie Blakeman) and has just $150,000 to run its provincial campaign. The PC Party, comparatively, has $945,000 in net assets and roughly $3 million in constituency accounts.
With polling numbers looking favourable for both the NDP (particularly in Edmonton) and Wildrose (particularly in southern Alberta), it is extremely unlikely that the Liberals will form Official Opposition. Many political commentators are suggesting that the Liberals are fighting for their very existence in this campaign cycle.
3. Prentice Campaign Song Kick-Off
On April 7, Prentice kicked off his campaign launch to the song “Got a Feeling” by country singer Tim Hicks. This bizarre song choice features lyrics such as: “Bullfrog sitting on log/watching them flies like a bone to a dog… Ain’t nothin’ goin’ bring me down.” Other tunes featured at the PC launch event include Nickelback’s expletive-laced “Burn it to the Ground” and guitar-backed “Don’t Know His Last Name” by Carrie Underwood.
The PC campaign slogan, “Choose Alberta’s Future,” was oddly juxtaposed to these songs, and sparked many surprised comments and snarky remarks online.
4. PC Domain Names
Greg Clark, leader of the Alberta Party, had a laugh at the expense of the PC Party after purchasing the .com and .ca domain names for “Choose Alberta’s Future”—the PC Party campaign slogan. These domain names now direct users to the Alberta Party website. Rachel Notley’s NDP also played the domain name game, having purchased prenticeteam.ca which now directs to the Alberta NDP website.
Clark said “details are important” when expressing surprise that the domain names were not already registered to the PC Party.
5. Campaign Vehicle Wars
Campaign vehicles are rolling!
PC Party leader Jim Prentice will be travelling in a party campaign bus, and Wildrose leader Brian Jean in an RV. The NDP has a mini-van, and thus far, the cash-strapped Alberta Liberals are without a formal campaign vehicle. Swann said he will use “private transportation” in a media interview.
Of course, no campaign vehicle can top the 2012 Wildrose bus which had a wrap featuring then leader Danielle Smith unfortunately placed directly above the dual bus wheels.

Photos courtesy of Karen Prentice and the Edmonton Journal.