Why is this Speech important?
Exactly half way through its mandate, the Conservative government was eager to re-set its agenda, which is why the Prime Minster triggered the need for today’s Speech from the Throne by proroguing Parliament.
This is almost certainly the last Speech from the Throne before the 2015 federal election. The wide-ranging issues contained in today’s speech are not only the priorities of the government for the next two years, they highlight the policies and issues that are likely to be contested in the next election.
With a long list of past accomplishments and new consumer-friendly initiatives, the government has delivered a Speech from the Throne that is intended to resonate with its political base, and squeeze the opposition parties.
Today’s throne speech fires the starting gun for the next election.
What do you need to know about it?
This is an especially important throne speech. Stephen Harper delayed the return of Parliament by four weeks to put the final touches on this agenda. Here are five things you need to know about today’s Speech from the Throne and how it fits into the Conservative government’s agenda over the next two years.