On September 23, H+K hosted a virtual panel discussion to explore what’s next for business after the 44th federal election. Our panel of experts discussed how Canada’s political landscape has shifted with the results of the election, and what it all means for you and your business.

While many may feel that election day puts politics behind us, we see the real work just beginning. For the past number of weeks, and the months before that, political leaders and parties have been crossing the country making promises, discussing ideas, and taking issue with those who disagree with their view of the world. 

Now that the election is over, we explored what it all means. How will the government implement their campaign promises, if at all? Who are the winners and losers from an economic point of view? And perhaps most importantly, how can you and your executive leadership teams prepare now and gain an advantage over your competition by anticipating government actions.

Click below to watch our virtual panel discussion with special guest Hon. John Baird, H+K’s National Corporate Advisory Lead, Jason MacDonald, H+K’s Lead, Content + Digital Lindsay Finneran-Gingras and H+K’s Vice-President, Public Affairs John Delacourt.