Public Affairs


As global and local experts in over 40 countries, with a Public Affairs legacy of over half a century, we know that politics doesn’t operate in a vacuum and that Public Affairs can’t either.

Geopolitical changes, a digital revolution, COVID-19 impact and more are reaffirming the centrality of governments. Societal expectations from ESG to Diversity & Inclusion, are reshaping corporations’ license to operate. More than ever before, it is vital that businesses understand and adapt not only to the changing political, economic and regulatory environment, but also to the cultural and societal expectations impacting their futures.

At H+K, we see the whole picture: a 360+ Public Affairs approach.

Leveraging proprietary tools from data & analytics, behavioral science, and digital engagement, we partner with our clients to find solutions to make their PA campaigns more effective, impactful and decisive. We help them successfully engage with their policy and regulatory stakeholders, to pre-empt and respond to the fundamental policy challenges facing their businesses. We focus on outcomes and enable our clients to move with and shape public opinion.

Nos nouvelles + perspectives en Affaires publiques


C’est grâce à notre profonde expérience multisectorielle et à notre vaste expertise des relations publiques que nous arrivons à résoudre les problèmes de communications les plus complexes.
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Des produits

Qu’il s’agisse de trouver les influenceurs les plus pertinents ou de mesurer les résultats d’une campagne en temps réel, nous disposons des outils nécessaires pour garantir à nos clients les résultats escomptés.
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